Study abroad counselling from the comfort of your home.

From an expert team based in Canada. We are here to help you to realize your dream of studying in Canada.  

Our approach

Our absolute loyalty is towards our clients and their success is what drives us as a team. We are a group of professionals working in Canada and many of us came to Canada as students as well, so we believe the Canadian experience and student journey many of us been through, is the biggest story we could share with our clients. We strongly believe this is what sets us apart as an organization from others. 


We provide wide range of services to make you feel at home.
Program or University Selection

We believe life would be better if you choose passion as your profession. Let our counselors help you find the ideal program based on your passion and interests.


Career Guidance

Uncertainties? Not anymore!
With the right career guidance, we will make it easier for you to set and achieve your career goals.


Admission Counselling​

Ace the college selection process with the expertise from our guidance counselor. Get into the top Canadian colleges seamlessly.


Student Visa Support​

A study visa indicates that you are allowed to enter Canada and study for the period specified in your visa.



Student Reviews

What people say?

Joyson and Jisha helped me to adapt to my student life in Canada - from the airport pick up to finding a place to live when I moved to start my studies in Vancouver. I feel fortunate to have received their service - and appreciate all the guidance they have provided during my studies.
Joel Yohannan
Douglas College, Vancouver
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