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The Ultimate Checklist for Prospective International Students

If you have a desire to pursue your higher education in one of the best colleges/universities in Canada, here are the steps you need to get right.

In this globalized world, it is the dream of every student to pursue a degree in prestigious institutes beyond borders. We have grown up watching the grandeur of the celebrated campuses and life there. If you are aspiring to set your foot forward and step into the top colleges abroad, here are the steps you need to get right!

Do your University Research

At most times googling for “the best universities to study in” will not work the best. A better way you could go about is by making a list of your preferred courses and then filtering institutes accordingly. It’s a good idea to have a mentor who can guide you along the way. Visit official University pages online and only then make a choice based on what fits you the best. You could also take advice from a counsellor to get a clear picture.

Register for examinations and get your Test Scores ready

College applications to different universities have different selection criteria. You might have to take up exams like the GRE/GMAT as per your requirements. Universities will also take into consideration your English ability based on your score in IELTS/TOEFL. It is recommended that you take the required exams well in advance to ensure you meet the test score requirements.

Look up for Financial Aids and Student Loans

Your university is most likely to offer a bunch of scholarships and aids to international students. It is an opportunity that you should grab with both arms. You can also mention in your college application about seeking financial aid. Your counsellor will be in a better place to suggest options for student loans. Don’t forget to get all your questions cleared!

Request your network for Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation essentially helps your University gauge you better from a third person’s perspective. You should try to get recommended by instructors or heads who have seen your work closely. Get someone who you share a good relationship with, to recommend you. This will let it cover both, your professional as well as personal strengths and skills.

Draft your Statement of Purpose to be on-point

Your Statement of Purpose(SOP) is a very important part of your application. It lets you stand out from the thousands of other applications as it is unique to you. Your SOP should be able to portray how driven you are to pursue the chosen field. You should also describe your long and short term goals. Your University would also want to know the reasons for choosing them. By adding convincing statements you will be able to strengthen your SOP.

Before you start writing, put down a list of things you wish to include. Only then begin writing. Go over your list, prioritising points. Read your SOP several times and make edits until you are happy with how it turns out.

Cross-Verify all Documentation and get your Student Visa Approved

The tricky bit about moving to a different country is to get all your documentation sorted. This will need you to make another checklist of all things big and small. Ensure that you have multiple copies of your university offer letter, visa, test scores, transcripts and bank statements anytime you need them. Filing to organize will save you a lot of time and effort. Apply for your visa ahead of time to avoid any unforeseen delays. You can take help from peers or someone you know who has applied for a Student Visa before.

Get yourself Health Insurance

Regulations across different countries vary largely. You will need to check with your University if they cover your Health insurance. Otherwise, you might need to look for agencies and get yourself the right insurance plan.

Find housing and Accommodation that suits you the best

Living abroad can multiply your expenses linked to accommodation and cost of living. If you can find a suitable place with a cost that fits your budget, you can avoid all the hassles.

Adapting to a New Way of Life

You will find yourself in the middle of a thousand different choices at every step that you lay forward. A new culture, differences in the system of learning and language will all come to sweep at once. Remember how far you’ve come and keep moving ahead. In times of any trouble, get in touch with us at Onyric. We are working to ensure that you have a wonderful experience and are always here to help!